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Bridging the Education Gap in India: for Children – by Children

The Children’s Parliament in India engaged more than 300 children from nine villages in discussions to brainstorm what could be done to address issues related to education, health care and livelihoods. It was the mass school closures caused by the Covid-19 pandemic that motivated the children to decide on solutions to support access to education. As a result of the school closures and education suddenly shifting to digital spaces, the children had discovered that most public-school students in the villages could not afford digital gadgets and access to the internet to continue attending classes online. This left them out of education and the school environment to the point that younger children even started forgetting the basics of the alphabet and numbers.

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Don’t Marry them – Educate them

“Saada and Suleina are sisters living in a community where child marriages are still practiced. The two sisters are school-going teenagers but their parents decide to marry them off, in line with the community’s customs. The marriage plans and procedures are concluded, making Saada and Suleina wives to two men in the community. But that did not last long for Saada, thanks to her relentless will to be educated. She boldly defies her parents and the community, walking away from her marriage to pursue her education. She secures a scholarship guaranteeing her to continue her education away from her home. All this time, Saada has tried convincing her sister Suleina to follow suit but she declines, citing her adherence to community norms.

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Investing in Early Years is Foundational to Ending Child Poverty

The theme of this year’s High-Level Political Forum – a UN platform where countries submit and discuss their Voluntary National Reviews (VNRs), is “Empowering people and ensuring inclusiveness and equality”, a theme closely linked with child poverty and Early Childhood Development (ECD). This Forum which will be held next month - July 2019, provides an opportunity for 47 Governments to showcase their commitment and efforts to end child poverty by investing in the ECD.

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