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An international dialogue to prevent violent extremism through education

Policy-makers, experts, youth advocates, members of intergovernmental organizations and civil society from almost 70 different countries gathered together for the International Conference on Prevention of Violent Extremism through Education, held in New Delhi, India on 19 – 20 September 2016.

The conference had the purpose of raising awareness on the importance of education in the prevention of violent extremism (PVE) as well as identifying actions for the effective implementation of PVE activities. At the event, co-organized by UNESCO with the support of the Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Arigatou International Geneva also had the oportunity to join the dialogue and informally share some experiences about the Learning to Live Together (LTLT) Programme.


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Ideas flow when people talk

"Mankind’s greatest achievements have come about by talking and its greatest failures by not talking.
It doesn’t have to be the future. With technology at our disposal, the possibilities are unbounded.
All we need to do is make sure we keep talking."
Stephen Hawking

Investing time in building relationships with children:

My mind runs back to a conversation I had with my adorable 7-year-old nephew Aditya Aram over Christmas 2017. We had just returned from a field visit. As we got off the car, he asked ‘Bua - who is the boss at Shanti Ashram?’ The word ‘Boss’ bothered me. Within a fraction of a second, it made me reflect as to what leadership example I was presenting to him. Even as I managed to answer this question, his second question quickly followed, ‘When you die - who will lead?’ To this, I said very honestly, that I had not started thinking about it, but I was sure that someone good and able would be ready to lead. Throughout the conversation, he was engaged, curious and patient and it seemed that just having the space to ask questions and to be in the conversation were important first steps for him. In the week preceding this particular conversation, we had often walked to my office and participated in programmes together. He got to see my work first hand at the International Center for Child & Public Health. For me too, just sharing my daily work & life with him was enriching....and I have come to look forward to my conversations with Aditya. My work with children over the past 20 years has given me the rare privilege of meeting children from diverse backgrounds and lived experiences. Interactions with them have often been purposeful, open and constant and it has surely helped me evolve into who I have become.

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Implementación del programa “Aprender a vivir juntos” en Sri Lanka e India: Enfrentando los desafíos para fomentar una coexistencia pacífica

El programa “Aprender a vivir juntos” (AVJ) ha alcanzado a más de 300 estudiantes y maestros en Sri Lanka e India durante el pasado año, gracias al esfuerzo de los facilitadores Kaviya Balaguruswamy y Parthipan Palanisamy. Los talleres en Sri Lanka se llevaron a cabo en Colombo, Kilinochchi y Nuwaraeliya, y en Coimbatore en India.

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Interfaith Council Annual Meeting: Moving the Ethics Education for Children Agenda Forward

As in previous years, the Interfaith Council on Ethics Education for Children held its annual meeting to help strategize and provide recommendations for the next period. This time, the meeting took place from 10 to 14 August 2017 in Coimbatore, India where the headquarters of Shanti Ashram, a long-time partner of Arigatou International Geneva, is located.

At the meeting, members of the Interfaith Council had the opportunity to review achievements and challenges of Arigatou International Geneva during the last year, reflect on relevant topics regarding Ethics Education for Children, and exchange views on the strategic plan for the next three years, providing technical recommendations as well as rationale-related inputs.

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Retos en la Construcción de Sociedades Cohesivas en un Contexto Multicultural: Los Desafíos que Enfrentan los Sistemas Educativos

Me gustaría compartir nueve (9) puntos breves. Los tres primeros son conceptuales y abordan a lo que nos referimos con cohesión social. Los otros tres puntos se relacionan con mi amplio diagnóstico de las causas de raíz del conflicto mortal y la violencia, que es la antítesis de la armonía social. Por último, concluyo compartiendo tres modestas sugerencias sobre cómo podemos contribuir a construir una cultura de cohesión social.  

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Strengthening Families in Chennai, India

Mrs. Prabha Karthik coordinated during a period of ten months an ethics education program with families in Chennai, India. Prabha shares in this interview with us her journey using the Learning to Live Together Programme to support parents on strengthening their parenting skills.

The program used the educational framework, approach and methodologies of the Learning to Live Together manual. Activities were customized to parents with the purpose of creating spaces to discuss about values, spirituality, interfaith learning, the rights of the child and how to create safe environments for children.

This work is part of the Strengthening Family Systems programme of Arigatou International Geneva.

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Taller de capacitación básico llega a 17 instituciones en India

Shanti Ashram organizó, en Coimbatore (India), del 19 al 20 de marzo de 2018, un taller de capacitación básico sobre el programa “Aprender a vivir juntos” (AVJ), que reunió a 34 profesores de 17 instituciones.

El taller de dos días tuvo como objetivo reflexionar sobre las necesidades de los niños y comprender su conexión con la base conceptual del programa AVJ, así como evaluar la importancia de aprender a vivir juntos en sus propios contextos; reflexionando y explorando el enfoques educativo y los módulos de aprendizaje del Programa, así como también identificando cómo implementar el Programa con los estudiantes seleccionados en sus respectivas escuelas.

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