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Children from Indonesia and Serbia participate in a virtual tour to reflect on the impacts of COVID-19

How has the COVID-19 pandemic impacted the lives of children around the world? Thirteen children from two different countries, cultural backgrounds and faiths gathered online on 26 April 2021 to answer this question and to provide recommendations on how parents, teachers, governments, and institutions can support children in navigating through the challenges of the current times.

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Countering Segregation Through Values-based Education in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Since 2011, the Learning to Live Together (LTLT) Programme has been making headway in Bosnia and Herzegovina under the leadership of Ms. Ismeta Salihspahić, local GNRC Coordinator, and one of the main advocators of the Programme in the country. In the past couple of years, the Programme has reached more than 400 students annually, in six different schools, fostering solidarity and mutual understanding among children from different religious, ethnic and cultural backgrounds.

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Creating Spaces for Children to Reflect about Ethical Issues during the Pandemic

Arigatou International Geneva was invited to facilitate an online workshop for children from Indonesia on “Peace, diversity and solidarity during the pandemic.” The workshop was held on 10 February 2021 and was organized by educators belonging to the UNESCO Associated School Project Network (ASPnet) and several other partners.

The webinar aimed to help children become more aware of how they can respond to the social reality of the pandemic by focusing on peace, appreciation of diversity and fostering a sense of solidarity. Children took an active role in the organization and coordination of this webinar. They led the ice breakers and supported the facilitation of the session.

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