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Challenging Discrimination and Xenophobia with Education: A Discussion in Light of the 39th Human Rights Council Session

Education can be a tool for refugee or migrant children to integrate into their new host societies, and has the potential to empower them to lead a joyful and fruitful life. It is with this idea in mind that a panel discussion on Empowering Youth Through Education: Challenging Xenophobia, Discrimination, and Exclusion among Youth in Europe was held, reflecting on the role of education in fostering more inclusive societies and empowering youth.

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Discussing Education in the Context of Social and Cultural Uncertainties at OXSCIE 2017

Arigatou International Geneva was invited to participate in a series of discussions to re-examine the mission of education and the meaning of learning in an uncertain world during the Oxford Symposium in Comparative and International Education (OXSCIE).

OXSCIE 2017 took place on from 8 to 9 June in Oxford University, UK and was organized by the Department of Education and St. Antony's College, in partnership with the Aga Khan Foundation and the Global Centre for Pluralism.

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