Affirming the human dignity of young children to grow in safe, healthy and loving environments, free of violence.

What do we do?

Raise Awareness

Raise awareness and provide information, among and with religious communities and leaders, on the impact of violence on early childhood, and share successful ways of supporting parents and caregivers in fostering ethical values and nurture spirituality in children.

Expand Knowledge Base and Research

Expand the knowledge base and research looking into the role of religious communities as well as the effectiveness of interventions in supporting parents and caregivers to foster values and spirituality in the development of children’s identities and in the creation of nurturing environments.

Advocate for Transformation

Advocate for transformation to work together with religious communities and leaders to challenge cultural and social norms that justify violence against children in the family context.

Integrate Holistic Approaches

Integrate Holistic Approaches to prompt concrete actions and holistic interventions that foster a positive environment for children’s development.

This Consortium brings together civil society and faith-based organizations, religious communities, multilateral organizations, academia and individual experts to foster collaboration to foster the spiritual development of children in the early years, and share good practices and develop evidence-based and innovative approaches to end violence in early childhood.

"Together we can achieve a world of peace for children, and we can secure a world of peace for all."

Ms. Marta Santos Pais, Former UN Special Representative on Violence Against Children

Latest News

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